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ITG are the halo content partner to

leading businesses around the world.

ITG are the halo content partner to leading businesses around the world.

We simplify the complicated, automate the tedious and create the beautiful.

And we do it for some amazing brands. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our team, your team… we’re all one team.

What is halo content?

You’ve got your hero creative – that binding creative concept at the heart of all great marketing. Now you need the engaging, tech-enabled, agile content to bring it to life everywhere. That’s halo content.

It’s every channel, every market, every location, every language, every format. ITG create that ring of halo content to drive your business growth and reduce marketing costs, and we do it faster and more efficiently than anyone else on the planet.

Hello tomorrow

Integrating our services.

With industry-leading expertise across our services, we’ve got you covered. Everything we do is designed to deliver the halo of tech-enabled, agile content that will engage your customers and drive business growth. Take a closer look below…

Digital performance marketing
TV, film & photography
Apps & websites
Creative production
Digital & print management
Data, CX, CRM & Insights

Our values.

We’re constantly pushing the limits for our clients, we eliminate marketing complexity in favour of streamlined simplicity, and we take the time to look after ourselves, each other and the planet, because we’re always stronger together.

We work with some of
the world’s biggest brands

…across a range of different sectors.

Fashion & apparel
Life sciences
Financial services
Media & entertainment
Travel & leisure

We’re getting double the content, in half the time, for the same budget

Our ethos & how we work

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Left Brain

Right Brain

Future thinking

The power of partnerships.

We build lasting and meaningful relationships with every single client. The better we get to know you, the more we can do together, and that’s brilliant for both of us.

Want to know why these brands love us?

We work with some pretty amazing businesses across the
globe, achieving incredible results every single day.
Could we do the same for you?

Kick start your project today

Kick start your project today

Kick start your project today

Want to know why these brands love us?

We’re proud to work with some pretty amazing companies across the globe, delivering the tech-enabled, agile content they need to engage their customers and grow their business. Could we do the same for you?

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