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We are stronger together.

We invest in people

We have a team of over 50 Wellbeing and Diversity Champions based in our offices around the world. Motivation, inclusivity and positive mental health are key pillars of our business, and we play an active role in our communities, supporting a range of different organisations, charities and initiatives. We create opportunities for our people, invest in training, and have an innovative ‘Circuit’ scheme which allows new team members to engage and work alongside our experts, developing the next generation of marketing talent right here in our business.

Brilliant marketing must also be kind to the planet – it’s the most important brief we’ll ever work on.

We’ve planted over one million trees in the last 12 months, we work with our clients and partners to look at everything from production to supply chains and in the next 12 months we aim for our business to be completely carbon neutral. There’s lots for us to be proud of, but so much more still to do – click below to take a closer look at our ESG commitments and achievements. 


We’re committed to Wellbeing

Wellbeing isn’t a box-ticking exercise for us, but a core pillar of our team that supports our employees and boosts engagement! Our Wellbeing team and initiatives are award-winning at ITG, and it’s no surprise given how integral this programme is to our business. Click below to find out how we earned these awards and what we do to provide consistent support to our staff across the globe!


Our values, written by our people, for our people.

We thrive on challenge.

And revel in adventure. We own what we do and do what we say to make a difference together. We deliver results by spending our time where it makes the most impact. We’re on it.

We’re not robots.

We have personalities. Some big, some small, but all unique. We make things happen and always look out for each other. We openly share our ideas, experience and feelings. We question endlessly and listen intently. We’re respectful, kind and humble. Be human ; )

We’re here to help.

There’s no room for glory hunters, office politics or big egos at ITG. We say it like it is, in the simplest way possible. Which means no marketing jargon or mumbo jumbo. Instead we ask for (and give) honest, helpful feedback. Cut the cr@p.

We ask the big questions.

And put strategy at the heart of our thinking. We don’t just give our clients what they want – we give them what they really need. We live in the world of ‘What if…’

We work hard and we play hard.

We do amazing things for our clients every day – and we do amazing things for each other. We look after our wellbeing. We’re not super-human, we’re a team of super humans… and we’re Stronger Together.

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