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ITG Innovation Room

Hello tomorrow.

Innovation enhances our lives, advances our thinking and enables us to deliver better solutions to our clients. So it’s hardly surprising it underpins everything we do, from our award-winning marketing technology, to industry-leading Inspired Events and even a dedicated Innovation Room in the heart of our HQ. We are a team of counter-intuitive thinkers, always looking for new ways, ideas and solutions that can change the way brands do marketing.

ITG Innovation Room
ITG Innovation Room

The innovation room.

We live and breathe original thinking at every turn. We have a dedicated team who travel around the world to find the latest developments in everything from AI and robotics to digital POS and VR – and we bring it all together in our Innovation Room. This interactive resource is used to showcase the latest in cutting-edge experiential marketing technology and can be completely tailored to specific clients by our in-house specialists. Come and check it out ; )

Be inspired.

We create brilliant events and invite our teams, clients, partners, and others in our industry (even schools and colleges) to inspire us all and challenge the way we think. We’ve had live debates with astronauts, engaged with world-renowned retail consultants, learned from the biggest names in social media and even travelled through a virtual black hole with TV’s favourite professor. We’ve got loads more exciting events planned and everyone’s welcome!

ITG Innovation Room

Counter-intuitive thinking.

The pace of change has never been faster, and it’s super-exciting. We’re working on everything from the metaverse to fully automated marketing technology – nothing is off the table. If you’ve got a challenge, an idea, or been inspired by something brilliant and need help to bring it to life, get in touch. We’re not sure what the future looks like, but working with our partners around the world, we’re helping to shape it.


Andy Ward

From our Innovation Room to our 30,000 sq ft photography & video centre, we’re bringing cutting-edge tech to our clients

Robotics, AI and the future

Virtual reality, holograms, sentiment recognition. Forget science fiction, innovations such as these are now driving all areas of marketing delivery, from automation to customer engagement. Our Innovations team are always on hand to share these latest technological advancements and unearth inventive new ways to enhance campaign delivery and boost ROI.

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