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Welcome to ITG Health.

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The decade of

biotechnical revolution

At ITG we’ve helped biopharma, medical devices and consumer care organisations for over 15 years, simplifying and automating their marketing operations, amplifying their omnichannel campaigns and driving cheaper, faster, better, compliant content production and deployment.

But it’s a crucial time for the Life Sciences sector – by the end of the decade we will likely have made cancer a curable disease, produced vaccines against HIV and other infectious illnesses, and made strides in reducing the financial and emotional burdens on society from diabetes, cardiovascular problems and more. But to achieve all this, we need to ensure funds are directed where they’re needed most: namely, research and development of innovative pharmaceutical products.

That’s where we
come in

ITG Health is now firmly established within the Life Sciences industry, thanks to our proprietary Storyteq marketing technology platform and a dedicated team that boasts decades of experience partnering with leading global pharmaceutical companies.

Industry experts with an outside-in perspective

Our team have worked in senior global positions at companies like Pfizer Inc., Merck & Co. Inc., Bayer AG, Novartis AG and BioNTech SE. They have contributed to the biggest medicines and vaccines of the decade and solved some of the most complex organisational transformation challenges of our time. In short, they have the knowledge, experience and industry credibility to help make you successful.

Marketing automation at scale

ITG Health supports Life Sciences companies through technological transformation at a MarTech, business process, and organisational change-management level. This means adopting an automation-first mindset across marketing operating models and content supply chains, to support the creation and deployment of bespoke, customer-centric, data-driven, personalised marketing campaigns using leading digital technologies such as SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, SiteCore , etc.

Our award-winning MarTech

ITG’s unique Storyteq platform is already being used extensively to overhaul legacy MarTech solutions across multiple industries: reducing the complexity of campaigns; automating planning, workflows and creative adaptation; and driving huge cost and time efficiencies. This enables ITG clients to deliver hyper-personalised marketing content at scale without relying on outdated, factory-based, offshore creative production models.

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Working with major companies

Our expert team at ITG Health have partnered with the likes of Bayer, J&J, Haleon, Biogen, MSD and Novo Nordisk, helping them to simplify and automate their marketing operations whilst amplifying the impact of their customer engagements. That’s faster execution, better customer experiences, more cost-effective compliant production, and deployment.

Delivering for our clients

ITG Health’s innovation-led approach to CRM has helped companies like Bayer achieve exceptional results in the life sciences sector…


customer journeys deployed each year


reduction in cost-per-conversion over a year

Business discovery

Maximising enterprise value & objectives

Organisational design

Geography, categories, brands, channels, departments/teams

Operating model definition

People, process & platform (online & offline)

Data modelling & configuration layers

Business metadata & taxonomy modelling

Human-centred solution design

User personas & jobs to be done (pain relievers & gain creators)

Workflow & process design

Inputs – activities – outputs

Market operations governance

Process, assets, content, data, platforms, CXM, adoption, lifecycle

Change management

Level of change, risk mitigation, Change Champions, community

Communications & training

1:1, group, videos, resources, virtual workshops, guided walkthroughs

Content automation audits

Evaluation of brand & campaigns, identification of automation opportunities

Other services we offer

Strategy & creative
Digital performance marketing
TV, film & photography
Apps & websites
Creative production
Digital & print management
Data, CX, CRM & insights

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