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Tackling food waste with Co-op and Caboodle

Jun 13, 2022

Caboodle is a platform founded by Co-op and Microsoft, and created with the help of environmental charity Hubbub, business technology consultants BJSS, and leading marketing agency ITG. It’s here to make it easier than ever for major companies to redistribute their surplus food to community groups and volunteer projects.

Although around £4 billion worth of food goes to waste across supermarkets, restaurants and cafes in the UK each year, only a small amount is currently shared with charities and community groups. Caboodle is a new digital platform designed to tackle this problem and make it super-simple for businesses to tackle food waste.

ITG played a central role in the brand strategy and development of a distinctive identity for Caboodle, which included the creation of key assets such as the brand’s logo.

While many people and organisations are working hard to solve the issue of food waste, current systems for redistributing this food are inconsistent, time-consuming and costly. Caboodle removes obstacles and connects food retailers and other hospitality businesses with volunteers and community groups in every town, city and village across the UK, sharing food when and where it’s needed most.

Having been trialled in 100 Co-op food stores in Northern Ireland, Milton Keynes and London, it is now live across a further 2,500 locations in the UK. From food banks and family support networks to youth groups and schools, Caboodle is open to all kinds of charities and community groups, who will receive live notifications from businesses when food is available.

From here, they can book and schedule slots and easily gain access to volunteers via a digital noticeboard, with the flexibility to skip days or even weeks depending on demand.

It’s a project that we’re incredibly proud to have worked on, with ITG’s Rachel Johnson saying, “We have loved leading on the brand strategy and creative identity direction of Caboodle. It’s been such an exciting new brand to create alongside some brilliant partners, and one that will truly empower everyone to help make a difference in making sure good surplus food doesn’t go to waste.”

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